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Just like humans, dogs need to engage in regular physical activity year-round to keep a healthy body and mind! Wanting to avoid the cold and snow is no excuse to let their exercise regimen taper off.

There are plenty of great alternatives for keeping your dog active and burning some calories even when the long days of summer are over. Check out some of these handy winter exercise ideas to get you and your pup moving!

Sign them up for a class.

Did you know there are special gyms and exercise classes just for dogs? Let your pooch try their hand at agility training, indoor swimming, or even flyball to keep them in good shape throughout the winter!

Not only will they stay active, but they’ll also have the chance to socialize with their fellow classmates. The new challenges will help sharpen their mental abilities and fine-tune their obedience training too.

Play indoor games.

Just as you wouldn’t let your kids lay around watching TV all winter, you don’t want your dog to become a couch potato either. Use their favorite treats, toys, and meals to get them up and moving! Get a treat release toy or food puzzle that makes them work for their reward—burning plenty of calories in the process.

Or, hide their favorite bone or treat and play a game of hide-and-seek. You can even throw a treat and run to your own hiding spot. They’ll be sure to work hard to find their favorite companion!

Spend some time outside.

Don’t be afraid to continue with your normal walk and play routine when the snow starts to fall. As long as you adjust to the cold weather, spending time outdoors is still a great way for your dog to get some exercise!

If your dog is smaller or has a thinner coat, invest in a couple sweaters and maybe even a pair of booties to keep them warm. For bigger dogs with a thick coat, let them get a workout in and have some fun plowing through the snow! Just don’t take your dog outside if it’s too cold or the conditions are too harsh.

Looking for a new snow buddy to play with this winter? Bring home a puppy from Sierra Springs Australian Doodles! Nothing warms up your heart or your home for the holidays quite like a new furry family member. Inquire online about our available puppies and upcoming litters to get started finding your new best friend!

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