Australian Labradoodle Breeder in Sierra Springs, CA

There are so many incredible things that make the Australian Labradoodle one of the most special dog breeds out there. One of those distinguishing qualities is their silky soft, beautifully colored coats!

It’s important to keep in mind though that when you adopt one of these extraordinary pups, you’re the one who’s responsible for maintaining that luscious coat. Follow these guidelines for grooming your Australian Labradoodle to keep your pooch looking and feeling fresh and healthy!

The Coat:

Regular brushing needs to be an essential component of your dog’s care routine, to prevent them from developing mats or becoming uncomfortably scraggly and unkempt.

Depending on the type of coat your pup is sporting, you’ll want to spend about 30 minutes grooming it at least once a week. This may vary based on coat thickness, lifestyle, and personal preference. Brush your dog to the skin, working from under the coat and in the natural direction of growth.

Trim your Australian Labradoodle in between professional groomings.

Aim to take your pooch to the groomer 3-4 times a year for a full clipping (again, depending on their coat and your preferences). Because they’re a low to non-shedding breed, there are a few spots you’ll need to trim on your own between trips to the salon.

Use a pair of rounded scissors to trim the hair around your dog’s eyes, across the bridge of their nose, and under the tail. Depending on the style you like, you can also periodically use the same scissors to thin out the bangs or fringe around their face.

The Ears:

Australian Labradoodles grow hair in their ear canal that doesn’t shed on its own. If you don’t remove it for them routinely, they’re prone to ear infections. Make sure you check for ear hair and pluck what you find approximately once a month. After plucking, apply an ear-cleaning solution to remove excess wax and massage thoroughly.

Bonus tip: To make ear plucking easier for you and less uncomfortable for your pup, use a grooming powder to help open up their pores and dry out the hair (allowing you to get a firmer grip).

The Paws:

About every six weeks or so you’ll want to clip your Australian Labradoodle’s nails. Be careful not to cut them too short—there’s a vein in each nail called the “quick” that will bleed excessively if cut. It’s a good idea to keep some styptic powder or even cornstarch on hand in case you accidentally nick this vein, to help coagulate and stop the bleeding.

To prevent dirt and debris from building up underneath your dog’s paws, you should also take the time to trim the hair in between their foot pads when you wrangle them for a manicure.

If you’re looking to add one of these amazing dogs to your family, fill out an application for a puppy from Sierra Springs Australian Doodles! Our dogs are bred for health, temperament, trainability, and raised in our home with love and constant companionship.

Contact us today to stay up to date on our available puppies and upcoming litters!

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  1. Tex Hooper
    Tex Hooper says:

    I like what you said about preventing dirt and debris from building up in the fur. My dog hasn’t had a haircut in two years. I’ll have to take him to the vet and the groomers.

  2. Jessie Holloway
    Jessie Holloway says:

    Thanks so much for the list f areas to focus on when grooming a dog. My aunt just got a new dog and she wants to take him to the groomers as often as he needs because she didn’t do that with her last dog. We’ve been looking into finding a nearby groomers place she can take him to and work with to ensure he gets the care he needs.


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