Australian Bernedoodle Breeder in Sierra Springs, CA

If you haven’t heard yet, we have some exciting news here at Sierra Springs Australian Doodles…

We’re adding the Australian Bernedoodle to our breeding program!

There are a lot of cross breeds created using the Labradoodle that can be hard to keep straight if you’re not a Doodle expert. As we work on introducing these adorable pups into our program, take a minute to get familiar with this incredible breed!

What is an Australian Bernedoodle?

Sierra Springs’ Australian Bernedoodles are a cross between an F1 Bernedoodle and a Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle. An F1 Bernedoodle is a first-generation cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, making it a full 50% of each breed.

The Australian Labradoodle was originally a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle, infused with Irish Water Spaniel, American Cocker Spaniel, and English Cocker Spaniel in early generations of breeding. A puppy who is considered “multigenerational” has two parents that come from multiple generations of Australian Labradoodles being bred to other Australian Labradoodles.

What does an Australian Bernedoodle look like?

The physical features of these pups will obviously vary depending on parentage, but they generally have low to non-shedding coats with that classic Doodle wave you know and love! This makes the Australian Bernedoodle a great pet for dog lovers with allergies.

This special breed of dog, on average, lives longer than its purebred ancestors. They also come in more consistent mini and medium sizes thanks to the multigenerational Australian Labradoodles we’re using to breed them. These gorgeous babies come in beautiful pure, bi-color, and tri-color combinations of black, white, and brown!

What is an Australian Bernedoodle’s temperament?

As a result of its unique heritage, the carefully bred Australian Bernedoodle exhibits the most desirable traits of all of its incredible cross breeds. These pups, along with their parents, are known for being gentle, playful, affectionate, and intelligent. They make the perfect family dog!

Like with any dog, it’s important to train and socialize your Australian Bernedoodle from an early age if you want them to develop the coveted qualities they’ve been bred for. Be sure to give your puppy lots of love, attention, and opportunity to learn so you can fully experience the magic of this special breed.

Where can I get an Australian Bernedoodle?

If you’re hoping to take home one of these amazing puppies for yourself, you’re in luck! Sierra Springs Australian Doodles welcomed our first litter of Australian Bernedoodles just a few weeks ago in October to go home mid-December. We also have another litter planned for April of 2020.

Contact us today to reserve your Australian Bernedoodle and stay up to date on all the amazing things coming up at Sierra Springs Australian Doodles!

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