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Candy, costumes, haunted houses and pumpkins—the spooky season is upon us! It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the exciting festivities for Halloween, but don’t forget that this can be a precarious time of year for your pet.

If you’re a dog owner, it can be fun to dress up your pup in an adorable costume and get them involved in the celebration. Make sure you’re looking out for your four-legged friend though this Halloween, by using these tips to prioritize their safety!

Human treats are not for sharing.

You may be tempted to indulge your dog’s sweet tooth in the spirit of the holiday, but you’ll be putting them in more danger than you realize. Both chocolate and xylitol—an artificial sweetener used in a lot of Halloween candy—are poisonous for dogs. Stash your trick-or-treat haul somewhere your pup won’t get to it. If you really want to spoil them, just give them a few extra dog treats!

Make sure your decorations are out of reach.

Halloween décor has become a lot more creative and involved with animatronic characters and light up displays. But hanging wires and flickering jack-o-lantern candles can look an awful lot like toys to your pooch. If they start chewing on cables and knocking over lit candles, they could end up with a nasty electric shock, painful burns, or even burning the house down.

Keep your pup inside on the big night.

All the commotion going on outside on Halloween night can easily overexcite or frighten your dog. The constant coming and going of strangers can be scary and overwhelming for them. Avoid a situation that might trigger aggressive or defensive behavior in your dog and end up with somebody getting hurt. Keep your pup inside and away from the door when the festivities begin.

Looking for a little extra excitement in your household this holiday season? Consider adding a puppy from Sierra Springs Australian Doodles to the mix! Our dogs are bred with great expertise and a lot of love to bring into your family. Contact us today for more information about this incredible breed and our upcoming litters!

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