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Medical professionals have come up with all kinds of innovative tools and resources to use when it comes to patient therapy—and dogs are one of the most popular! Who doesn’t feel better after spending time with an adorable pup doling out love, cuddles, and kisses freely?

It’s important to understand that it takes a very special dog to become a therapy dog. Check out some of the most ideal personality traits for the job below to help determine if your pup would be a good candidate!

1.) Friendly

As a therapy animal, your dog’s job is to provide comfort for all different types of people. They should love human interaction and feel comfortable being touched. One of the best parts of taking your dog to a therapy session is watching the smile break out on a patient’s face after an enthusiastic greeting from your pooch!

2.) Calm

Maintaining an even temper is a must for any animal that’s going to be around patients. A good therapy dog can calmly handle strange or intimidating situations without reacting suddenly or aggressively. Your pup should be confident and stay focused around strange equipment, new people and animals, and in unfamiliar environments.

3.) Obedient

Obedience is arguably the most important trait for a therapy dog to possess. If your dog is going to be around patients in a hospital or clinical setting, you or their handler need to have control over them at all times. This is paramount for the safety of the patients, your dog, and everyone else involved!

4.) Healthy

You have to keep in mind that as a therapy dog, your pooch will be around infection, illness, and individuals with compromised immune systems. Even if they’re not working with those patients, they’ll still be traveling through the same area. Keep your dog up to date with vaccinations and regular checkups, to ensure they don’t pose a safety risk to sick and vulnerable patients—and to make sure they’re staying healthy too!

At Sierra Springs Australian Labradoodles, our puppies are raised in our home as members of our family. As a result, the dogs we breed are well-socialized, easily trained, and love being around people—a few of them even become therapy dogs themselves!

For more information about the kind of puppies we breed and our upcoming litters, feel free to reach out to us online. Your next best friend awaits you at Sierra Springs Australian Labradoodles!

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