Australian Labradoodle Breeder in CA

When you finally get promoted from a dog lover to a full-blown dog owner, it’s hard to stop at just one! Soon you’ll want to adopt every pup you see until your four-legged family grows as big as your heart. Having more than one pet is actually a great way to keep your animals socialized and entertained while you’re out during the day and bring even more love and happiness into your home.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to add a new puppy to the mix, make sure you start them off on the right foot with your resident dog. The best way to foster a positive, loving relationship between your two fur babies is to make sure you get the introduction right!

Choose a neutral place for the first meeting.

Introducing your dog to an unfamiliar puppy in a brand-new location is essential for preventing territorial behavior that can quickly become aggressive. By now, your dog has claimed your home as their own space. Allowing an unknown animal to invade their territory will trigger them to assert their dominance and act defensively.

A new, fenced-in, outdoor area is the ideal setting for the initial introduction. Both dogs should be leashed and have access to their own safe space. You’ll probably want to enlist someone to help you handle one while you focus on the other!

Let them interact at their own pace.

It is unlikely that two unfamiliar dogs will get along perfectly from the get-go—and that’s okay! The key is to just be patient and allow their relationship to develop naturally. Supervise your pups whenever they’re together for the first few weeks and remain calm in their presence. Animals can sense your mood, so if you’re nervous and tense then your dog will be too.

Let your pooches sniff one another, keeping a close eye on them at all times. You can gradually allow them to get closer and progress in their interactions if they seem relaxed and curious.

Watch their body language.

The most effective way to determine if the introduction is going well is to watch your resident dog’s body language around your new puppy. If they seem alert, approachable, friendly, or even playful, encourage them to socialize and explore one another.

If you notice your older dog growling, baring their teeth, or tensing their body, they’re feeling aggressive or distressed and you should separate your animals. A puppy doesn’t recognize negative body language yet, so it’s your job to intervene if something seems wrong!

Get started on expanding your family!

With a little bit of time, patience, and a lot of nurturing, your new puppy and resident dog will be the best of friends in no time. If you’re still searching for the right pup to add to the family, consider bringing home an adorable and friendly Australian Labradoodle!

The puppies we breed at Sierra Springs Australian Labradoodles are socialized early and easily trained, making them the perfect companion for you and your pooch. For more information about this lovable breed and to inquire about our upcoming and available litters, contact us today!

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