Paisley loves to play tag with her sister, and always has a “baby” (toy) in her mouth. She is sweet as can be, snuggles all the time and is a very smart girl  that can sit, lay down, and shake.  You can find Paisley on most days lounging in the sunshine or laying on the steps in her swimming pool. Paisley’s guardian family loves this adorable girl and her goofy, fun, and sweet personality.

Health Tested:  OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Eyes, OFA Patella, OFA Cardiac.  Animal Genetics tested for IC, DM, NEWS,  PRA-PRCD,  and VWDI. Results: PRA – Carrier, IC- Carrier

Name: Sierra Springs Paisley

Size: Miniature – 28 lbs

Color: BB, EE, at/a, ky/ky, S/sp  Black Merle Tri-Phantom

Coat: Fleece