Australian Bernedoodle

This beautiful, sweet girl is adored by everyone who meets her.  Dorothy is very mellow, sensitive, loving, playful and a wonderful playmate to her two human sisters and her biological brother Walter.  She loves waking her sisters up each morning for school with kisses and her silly antics.  Dorothy is very handsy and will always let you know if she needs love or extra play time by tapping you with her lengthy legs.  She loves the dog park and her doodle gang and is a lover of all things snack related. Dorothy is very special, loyal, loves unconditionally and is always by her family’s side.

Health Tested:  OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Eyes, OFA Patella, OFA Cardiac – Certified as Breeding Quality.  

Disease Tested – Clear:  PRA-prcd  

Cleared by Parentage: DM, DM-b, GM2, NEWS, OCD, EIC, HNPK, MCD, PRA-prd4 and VWDI.

Registered Name:  Sierra Springs Dorothy

Size: Medium – 30lbs.

Coat Color & Traits:  at/at, B/b, E/E, ky/ky, S/S,  F/F, c/c – Blue Merle Phantom

Coat: Fleece – Straight