We are so excited about this sweet natured girl!  DeDe is one of our first Bernedoodles here at Sierra Springs along with her half-sister Skye and will soon be the momma to our first Australian Bernedoodle litter.  She is a clever girl that loves to play with her toy snack dispenser and has more fun getting the snacks out then eating them.   Dede loves children, loves to give kisses, and wants to be best friends with every animal she meets.  We are just so thrilled to see this sweet girl’s babies.

Health Tested:  OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Eyes, OFA Patella, OFA Cardiac, IC, DM, EIC, GM2, NEWS, Osteochondrodysplasia, PRA-PRCD,  and VWDI.

Name: Sierra Springs DeDe

Registration: Not eligible for registration with the ALCA due to being a Bernedoodle.

Size: Small Medium – 30 lbs

Color: BB, Ee, at/at, ky/ky, S/sp  Tri-Phantom

Coat: Fleece