Australian Bernedoodle

This gorgeous girl is one of our very first Australian Bernedoodles here at Sierra Springs. Sunshine loves children especially her human siblings and enjoys playing chase and fetch in the yard with them.  She will happily roll on her back for belly rubs and is always eager to earn a treat. Sunshine looks forward to her morning and evening walks with her guardian family and everyone they pass asks “What type of dog is that?” and then tells her how beautiful she is.  She loves to find a shady spot to relax in the yard and is always up for cuddling and lounging with her family.  We are very pleased with this sweet beauty and can’t wait to meet her amazing puppies.

Health Tested:  OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Eyes, OFA Patella, OFA Cardiac & IC.  Cleared by Parentage: DM, EIC, GM2, NEWS, Osteochondrodysplasia, PRA-PRCD, HNPK and VWDI.

Name: Sierra Springs Sunshine

Registration: Does not qualify for registration with the ALCA due to being an Australian Bernedoodle.

Size: Medium – 33 lbs

Color: BB, Ee, at/at, ky/ky, S/sp  Tri-Phantom

Coat: Fleece