We are so excited to introduce this amazing boy!  Captain has the softest most stunning Black Phantom Merle coat and is smart, curious, and adorably playful. His favorite outdoor activity is playing tug-of -war with his Australian Labradoodle sister Finley.  Captain loves to cuddle up in the evenings and show everyone his affectionate, calm and easy-going personality.  His fur and human family absolutely adore him and we can’t wait to meet his pups.

Health Tested:  OFA Hips, OFA Elbows, OFA Eyes, OFA Patella, OFA Cardiac, IC, DM, EIC, GM2, NEWS, Osteochondrodysplasia, PRA-PRCD,  and VWDI.

Registered: Sierra Springs Captain

Size: Miniature – 30 lbs

Color: Bb, Ee, at/at, ky/ky, S/S – Black Phantom Merle

Coat:  Fleece